I have been toying around with getting the Pampered Partner Plus Client working in Linux. Not using WINE but with the native Eclipse Platform. First off I would like to thank The Pampered Chef Development Team and Pampered Chef for picking a excellent development platform, one the is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Here is a screen shot.

Pampered Partner Plus running on a Native Eclipse RCP Linux

Pampered Partner Plus running on a Native Eclipse RCP Linux

There are still some bugs I have not worked out yet, but I would welcome anyone who wants to do testing, know how to assemble it yourself, and anyone willing to help me hunt down the remaining bugs. I really need to find a way to test features which might mess up my wifes account.

If there is any interest I will post a howto and/or an archive of what I have working and Yes the EULA specifically allows me to modify and redistribute the program. 🙂

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