Given the recent release of OpenGL by SGI of all the code into the Open Source world. I was wondering if was possible. I Think it might be. There is a lot of hate and discontent going around about the OpenGL v3 standard.

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OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The War Is Over

If you say that OpenGL is a standard, not an implementation and can’t be forked. You are fooling yourself. I’m not saying that it would be easy or that you wouldn’t need a lot of help.  It’s an open standard and the open part is all that counts. There is complaining but I have yet to see a counter or updated proposal based on v3 to bring a clean modern API. Its a lot of talk. Maybe I missed it? We need to see a draft with all the deprecated functions removed and any lost functional replaced. Then based on that a draft which clean everything into a Nice API. Then based on that clean API introduce new functionality. While doing all of this you would have to build support with the industry. Would the ARG and Khronos Group take it seriously, who knows?

Yes, I understand that the Khronos Group is currently in charge of the API design. But a little competition never hurt, right? Maybe all the worry is unfounded, but it is a bad juju to let the idea of DirectX (single platform, ok more if you count the xboxes) being superior to OpenGL (a multi-platform 3D API) seep into the public concious.

In the end it may not matter as it will all be replaced by General purpose GPU/CPU stuff. But allowing DirectX to get a lead by inaction or self-defeating action, is a lot worse then a give it your best shot and failing.

I know nothing about 3D API’s so I guess I’m just talk too.