Good news. So yesterday or was it the day before. I had a patch accepted to KDE for getting cokoon to compile and link again (thanks kdepepo and pinotree), i.e. port to KDE4.x. The style is functional although it is missing a few things like tabs. I would say it still needs a lot of work. The window decoration on the other hand is non-functional it doesn’t even show up in drop-down for selecting decorations in Appearances, of course I don’t know if it ever did, so since it compiles I’m not where to start yet.

I have been reviewing the theme file spec and they are written like it is a pixel engine, oy.

I haven’t read the code completely to back these assumptions up yet, but it looks like it loads and SVG, rasterizes it , and extracts portions based on coordinates + height/width so aside from loading the SVG instead of PNG or JPG it looks like a pure pixel engine. It’s not a bad way to attack the issue, if you just want it to look nice. In My opinion you lose what makes Vector graphics great though and specifically what is good about SVG. The ability to use object IDs to get the objects you want. Inkscape has used this technique to load its icons for ages. You also lose scalability. Yes, I know is has to be converted to a raster image at some point be it should be as late in the display chain as possible to prevent stretching and pixelation (aka ugly square blocks). Assuming your SVG render can handle filters you use the ability to render those out on the current background as well.

Anyway I’m going to have to give the code some looking and figure out what to do next.
I probably should have done that today but I’m lazy.

Works in KDE 4.1.2, I have no idea if it even works in other versions. Grab the source by running:

svn co svn:// cokoon

Follow the normal cmake dance.