I decided to do a clean install of Kubuntu 8.10. Re-build my dev enviroment, clean out all the extra stuff I have installed from source, and stop Gnome apps from doing things I want my KDE apps to handle.  I figured it was easier to spending an hour doing the clean install, then worry if I got all of the Gnome Apps configured to not assume it is they own the system. The most annoying thing was nautilus would spawn everytime I plugged any  media CD/DVD/USBdrive. I like Gnome quite a bit but I don’t want it doing stuff while I’m in KDE unless I tell it to.

Anyway, installing Kubuntu went fine except that I had to burn the cd twice and in the end neither of them worked, maybe my CD drive is starting to go out. 😦 That is no fun since I have a laptop. So want I ended up doing was installing Ubuntu’s USB Creator . This worked very well for me, smooth sailing.  The upgrade to KDE 4.2 from kubuntu experimental PPA don’t so much.  This failed and without a workaround was not good, a solution was easy to find.  unless you don’t know how to search. The solution is in the bug report The https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/324752  .

The Development Enviroment installed smoothly as a ways but, now apps like KDE’s new Network Management plasmoid/KCM won’t build but configure without fault.  Weird. Things are get back to normal, at least soon as I figure out these issues.