So I have been pondering this for a while.

The idea is simple. Renovate the graphics in a series of FOSS Games, engage the games community and graphic design community and leaders. Maybe setup the project kind of like the tango project, i.e a defined color palette and style guide and let the community free on it. Make it a recurring project that helps out other project in need and I think you have a you have a winning plan.

There are lots of great FOSS games out there. Some with great Graphics and Game play. Those are would not be our target.

For a Game Qualify would need:
Great game play
Fair to not so good graphics
Open Source

We just need a list of games that fit.

My recommendations are Pingus, FreeCiv , and Singularity:Endgame though the latter needs a reworked in-game UI more than anything. Any other ideas