Helios brings up the point Linux Users are willing to pay for games.

So Linux has has 26.1% of World of Goo’s on Windows sale volume and earns 47% as much money.

So to rephrase Linux has just over a quarter of the sales but almost half of Windows revenue.

The numbers list below are derived the 2D Boy birthday-sale-wrap-up as of noon on the 28 Oct.  They are in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM OFFICIAL.

Just an analyst bored and wanting to get a better picture of the situation.

 2dBoy Total d/l                83,250 
                                  Number D/L     avg donation    approx amnt earned
 Linux (deb) 8%              6,660.00       $3.57               $23,776.20
 Linux (tar) 6%               4,995.00       $3.42               $17,082.90
 Linux (rpm) 3%             2,497.50       $3.19                $7,967.02
 Linux total 17%                                                          $48,826.12
 Mac OSX 18%              14,985.00       $2.54               $38,061.90
 Windows 65%              54,112.50       $1.92              $103,896.00
                                                               Total           $190,784.02

If you would like to know how I arrived at these numbers. I will send you my spreadsheet upon request.

P.S.  anyone have a good way to do tables in WordPress.