So, the other day I was browsing the web (quiet) and came across this post by Marco Arment. Where he talks about how the current generation of calendar software are too rooted in the design of the physical objects. His problem is that the things he cares about most on his calendar. Simply he cares about now the most important and as the time becomes more distant in the future he cares less and less. As to the past he doesn’t want to see what happened unless it is in a special view. Here is how I think a simple version of this Logarithmic Calendar could be constructed. I’m mostly going to talk in terms of Kontact since is the PIM I use.

Logarithmic Calendar Mockup

  1. Stack (Column) contains Today’s Appointments and Tasks. Beads represent an event or task. The top three beads (event/tasks) are passed their alloted times and are recent items only, grey beads are finished and the red beads are an unfinished task . This past area should never be longer then a quarter of the stack. Below these in the bright Green is the Current Bead. Below that are the upcoming beads for the day.
  2. This stack functions the same as 1 minus the past area.
  3. Two Days in this Stack
  4. Three Days in this Stack
  5. One week in the Stack the big change here is the day stacks now laid out horizontally to the previous vertical this allow easy pattern .
  6. One Month of horizontal stacks

This probably need more thought and work done before it is ready for prime time.